2 November 2011

What is Conquer Club

"Risk all your troops on a daring land grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader. Feel the thrill of victory as you crush your last opponent!!!"

Do you love the board game “Rick” like I do, but don’t have the time (and players) to sit down and play for a whole day? GOOD NEWS!!! You can now play a similar game online at Conquer Club with thousands of players all over the world!!! You can take your turn in 5 to 10 minutes with your morning cup of coffee or while eating your lunch! A game typically lasts several days, but hardcore risk takers can play multiple games at once and stay up all night strategizing their next move! You can play up to four games at a time FOR FREE! So what are you waiting for Register now!

Conquer Club has got 190+ maps that you can choose form to play!

Fight for the world….

 Bacome the King of the middle ages... or the Queen of the hive...

Become the ruler of empires...

Lead famous battles...

Conquer nations…

 Get points as you Win and work your way up in ranks!

Play honorable because you will be raited at the end of each game!

If you have questions, feel free to leave comment or find me on Conquer Club as CJ Lues!

See you on the Battle Field...!!!

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  1. You got some nice maps there mate!

    From Dillonbrett