11 November 2011

Conquer Etiquette

This can also be called “Pride and Honor in war”!
So I’ll give some tips here, I feel are required if you have “Pride and Honor!”


Firstly, I think it is good to have a decent Profile Photo and Signature on your wall, 

I would say the top picture is a lot more honorable than the bottom one!

High Rankers 

It is honorable to have respect toward players Higher ranked than yourself! If they talk to you in the Game chat, talk back to them with respect. If you play in a team game with new team mates, let the highest ranker in your team make the first suggestion, after he/she made the suggestion then only state your suggestions (if however the player don't say anything in the chat and don't respond to your comment, then state your thoughts to the rest of the team). This also applies to the Form.
To the High rankers, do not be disrespectful to lower ranked players (remember that you also were a lower rank player once)!

Farming or Vultures 

Farming (also sometimes called Vultures) is not very honorable, high ranked players usually do this to get “easy points”. This is a name given to players that join games with players of a much lower rank than themselves (e.i. a Major joining a Cadet). This happens a lot to New Recruits.  This obviously does not apply if you are training the specific player or if the lower rank player joins your game.

Secondly I think it is good not to leave nasty Ratings...! 
This is only my opinion, but I think it’s not honorable to give a Player less than 2 stars...

...like this...

...this is a good rating...!
Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to go give a guy that had secret diplomacy, were reckless or rude a five star rating, but don’t go spitting tags at him...! Rather just don’t rate him and if you really want to, foe the guy and forget it...
If someone gives you a bad rating (below 3 stars and nasty tags) don’t go wild and shoot back with a nasty response. Rather PM (private message) the person and straighten it out like gentlemen (or ask for a Rematch)
My aim is to get my whole first page filled with ratings over 4 stars...!
Game Chat
I always like talking to my opponent in the game chat, I also like saying “Gl and Hf mate/everyone” (Good Luck and Have Fun) when the game starts... If the opponent don’t even bother to say u2 (you too), then I give him a “Silent” rating...!
DO NOT have secret diplomacies! But its fine to make “Above the table truces”  but don’t be unfair...
I have a Team on CC called “The A-Team” (see the A-Team members below).
Every time we win a game we say “The Famous Words: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!”  
The A-Team
We won 14/20 which is 70%
CJ Lues (from South Africa),
Blitzstrahl (from Denmark),
Joemaya (from Kuwait),
Kingen (from Sweden)

The A-Team Signature:

We are a Proud and Honorable Team! 
If you want to challenge us, send one of us a message on CC or leave me a comment here in the Fort. 
Honorable Players I know on CC
Belgian Blue,
Mr. Lee,
Nation Conquerer,
H.D. Keyter,
lt. Futt,
Master Fenrir,
General Roy,
So go Conquer honorably!
The Major


  1. Its fun to read what you say here my friend.
    Keep up the good work with your site.

    Maby you can wrote something about Newbee´s getting points. I could need some help...only loosing right now!!

    Kind Regards Kingen

  2. Pleasure Mate! I'll see what i can put together!

  3. Ek kort n bietjie hulp Ek verloor net die heeltyd.

  4. Ok, ek sal you 'n paar van die truuks leer op CC! ;)