8 April 2012

How "Newbee's" can get points

Upon my friend Kingen's request:
Kingen Nov 27,2011 13:39  
Maybe you can wright something about Newbee's getting points.
Well, I'll give a few tips that helped me get above Lieutenant. 
Tip #1- 
Don't play against players higher ranked than yourself. (The points to be awarded is calculated as the loser's score ÷ the winner's score × 20).

This hardly ever happens!

This would be an example of a more balanced game!

Believe me, I played a lot of games like the first picture, with the exemption of my name being crossed out of course. I did win some of them, probably 1 for every 6 I lost. So I made 50 points in a high rank game, but lost 10 points per game I lost. I was moving back an average of 10 points every 7 games... Not very smart, hey!
So I started to play guys the same rank as me, and played only 1vs1 games. As you can see from the equation above, if the two player's ranks are more or less the same, you gain/lose 20 points. I then suddenly started to win more games (I also found all the guys on CC aren't masters at this game!) I started wining probably 3 out of 5 games, so I climbed an average of 20 points every 5 games... Sound more logical doesn't it!
Tip #2- 
Play one 6 to 8 player (preferably escalating) game at a time.
This will give you that boost you need, while you play your 1vs1 games,(make sure the guys are not much higher ranked than you again). This will if you lose, not make you lose more than 20 points, but, if you win, you win a 100+ points!

This is what Escalating game's troops can look like!

For those big games I play it Escalating Spoils, because if you now the skill it makes those big games quite "easy".
I join The Society of Cooks "SoC" (go to Sign up here for Training) back then! They are a team of good CC players that help you improve your CC skills. They specialize in teaching you the art of playing Escalating Spoils, a very useful skill!
Tip #3-
Don't play more than 7 games at a time (this only applies if you have premium).
Let's be honest, you only have so much brain space. If you play 30 games at a time you can't possibly focus on them as good as you can on 4 to 7 games... Once you get better and your strategy improves you can add more games to your list at a time.
Tip #4-
Get one or two maps and specialize in them.
I took the Classic map and The Third Crusade map and learned to play them very good.

Classic Map

The Third Crusade

You don't have to chose The Third Crusade, but I really suggest you play a lot of Classic ones, it's easy to play and if you get the hang of it you'll have lost of fun! If you chose a map like The Third Crusade, make sure you read Everything on the map so you know how it works.
Tip #5-
Get a team mate(s).
This will take Conquer Club to the next level! I have got a lot if team mates now, but didn't have any for a start. They came one by one (well, 3 of them came together, and they are the best ones I have, The A-Team). Play team games, they are lots of fun (most of the times...), (there are some games where you will have a team member that doesn't talk, and that can be frustrating, though). Start with Doubles team games, search for games that have two teams of two players each and learn to work together, share information and communicate. If you see you got the hang of the Doubles, start playing Triples and Quadruples. 
The truth is, right now 90% of my games are team games, I play 1 or 2 standard games and the rest are all team games!
Tip #6-
Get Firefox and "BOB."
Conquer Club is written for Firefox, and there are dozens of add ons for CC if you have Firefox installed.
I will have a whole post written about the add-ons for CC soon. Go look here so long. 

Example of the menu "BOB" adds to the game

Tip #7-
Play for the fun of it.
There is no use playing this game if you don't have fun while playing it. Also remember, the best teacher on Conquer Club is your opponent!
Well, that is what helped me get above Lieutenant, try it and see how it works for you!
See you on the battle field.

The Major

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